Cruise Outlook provides weather reports and other useful data for the cruise itinerary you are sailing on.

Cruise Outlook’s Story

Cruise Outlook started in 2012 when its founder was planning for a two-week honeymoon cruise with his fiancé. Leading up to the cruise, they found it frustrating to have to individually check the weather for each of the seven ports of call, so he built a simple one-page website that listed the weather for all locations on a single table.

When sharing the consolidated table with other travelers in advance of the trip, he quickly realized that the idea was very well received so much so that he was referred to as “the weather guy” on board the ship. When the trip ended, he built the first version of Cruise Outlook which provided 8 day weather reports for eight cruise lines. Since then, Cruise Outlook has been expanded to eighteen cruise lines and also provides information about other ships in port, live cameras, and current ship positions. Additionally, a premium service was introduced in April 2016 for advanced features such as 15 day extended forecasts, hourly forecasts, weather charts, UV index, and the local time for trips that span time zones.

Cruise Outlook has become a trusted source of information for travelers worldwide.

Product highlights

  • 8 day forecasts
  • List other ships in port (helpful to determine how crowded the port will be)
  • Build custom reports (helpful when extending your cruise on land)
  • Live ship cameras
  • Current ship location
  • Free features plus:
  • 15 day forecasts with UV index for first 5 days
  • Hourly forecasts
  • Weather charts
  • Local time at ports (helpful when your cruise spans multiple time zones)
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